What nobody tells us but we must know

To appreciate the little things in life. a random encounter, a good meal, a compliment from a friend and sudden shower. it is strange how easy it seems to undervalue the simplest pleasure.DSC_4043

To pay attention. things have a way to often not being what they seem. to read the fine print, to see beyond what’s obvious sometimes makes all the difference in the world.DSC_4072

To not underestimate those around us. so routinely we look down on people around us, discounting their potential and judging their abilities based on only what we can see. remember though, one must take great caution choosing friends or enemies solely on appearance.DSC_4140

The importance of hard work. you’re not exceptional, chances are you’re not even as good as you think. the only difference between you and the person next in line then would be your willingness to improve. its okay really, to fail. chances are you’ll fail more often than succeed but it’s critical that you pick yourself up and go at it again. and again. and again. evolution never gave any being a hundred per cent success rate.DSC_4147DSC_4213

There will be times in our life when being honest would seem too much trouble. conforming would seem the only logical solution and at times like these, we must remember we were made different for a reason. to be yourself in a crowd of conformers doesn’t just put a target on your back, it also makes you stand out in the crowd. DSC_4408DSC_4333

(edit1. All the photos are from the collection of yours truly; feel free to use them. just remember to pass on the source)


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